Concord Road Class Parents


As a Class Parent, you are the connection between your child's teacher, other parents and the PTSA. 


Please reach out to the PTSA's Concord Road VP Roohi Majli with any questions.


Guidelines and Selection Process

These guidelines are to assure that everyone has an equal opportunity for these positions. No exceptions can be made to ensure the community's confidence in the process. 

  • Applications are accepted at the beginning of the school year for grades K-4.  

  • To encourage the widest participation possible, you may only be a class parent for one child at any given time.

  • Parents may not volunteer to be a class parent for the same child two years in a row (unless no other volunteers can be identified).

  • There will be two class parents for each class for grades K and 1.

  • There will be one class parent for each class for grades 2, 3, 4, and ungraded classrooms. 

  • Class parents are chosen by a random selection process if there are more than two volunteers for one class.

  • You must fill out the application to be considered.